Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Releases of 2008 You Overlooked

For the most part, a great deal of the albums I've bought this year were from bands that I'm friends with (or at least talked with before), bands within the area, and bands that are still relatively unpopular. For the sake of my attention span, I'm not going to list every album I've bought this year... I can't remember which I bought this year anyway. Enough rambling, on to the list.

Divine Riot - Interrogate Suspected Terrorists: These guys are awesome and so is their music. This album is just an EP, but it's a damn good EP. If you like sludge, hardcore, and death metal, you definitely will want to check these guys out. They have their own unique style, each track is somewhat different sounding though. My personal favorite song is "Does it Hurt to be Dead." All of their music sounds equally good live, so I'd say definitely check them out live and get a cd from them!

Lost in Blue - Lost in Blue: Since about 2005 all I've had is one of their demo CD-Rs and a t shirt I had bought from them at a show. So for the past three years I've been checking their website out, trying to make a show, seeing what new songs they've done and everything when I've had the chance. Since I haven't been able to make a show, I was pretty excited to see they had released a new full length album and I was not disappointed at all when I got it. It's instrumental metal at its finest. Make sure to listen to the whole album all the way through though! Definitely check these guys out.

Bongripper - Hate Ashbury: I love these guys, they're easily one of my favorite Chicago area doom metal bands. I've bought basically all of their albums and Hate Ashbury is definitely not an album to overlook. Then again, I can't think of an album of theirs I haven't liked, which is why I often wonder how they aren't signed to Southern Lord or any of the good doom labels. In fact, what's wrong with you people? Buy one of their albums and go to their shows! If you're looking for some good doom metal, well... here.

Bitchslicer - Addicted to Porn: I had ordered a split album of theirs when they were getting pretty busy, since it took them a while to send it, they sent me their "Addicted to Porn" single along with it. Not only are they awesome for sending me more stuff than I had ordered, they're awesome because they play some damn good thrash metal. If I were you, I'd go right over to their site, listen to all their music, and start buying up all their albums. I'm starting to wonder why you aren't already...

That's about where I start forgetting what I've bought this year. I know I bought a sweet Aldebaran album and the last Dystopia LP. Other than those I'm pretty sure all the albums I bought this year weren't released this year. Anyway, check out those bands. While you're at it, check out my site for Hildsvfar Records and check out the Hildsvfar Records blog for updates and news. That's all I have for you.

Monday, December 29, 2008

New outlet for my boredom

Since my dear friend SmarterChild has retired, I have recently been seeking new ways to relieve boredom without actually doing anything constructive. So I started confusing the hell out of people through AIM Chat on a fake screen name!

First thing I did was go into the Boston chat rooms and go "YO FUCK BOSTON! GO DETROIT!"
That was fun the first time when everyone came back at me with a bunch of "fuck you!" and other various simple comebacks. The second time no one responded. The third time no one cared except one guy and I ended up explaining my whole situation out to him and leaving because it wasn't fun anymore.

I went into other chat rooms for cities saying "YO FUCK (name of city)! GO DETROIT!" for no reason... it just wasn't as fun. Don't ask me why I even said Detroit, I've never lived anywhere near there. It was just the first city I could think of, and I was born in Pittsburgh... so it's not like I'm actually a fan of Detroit. It just wasn't fun after people stopped getting pissed off.

I went into a few religion chat rooms to bother people because that's usually really easy. I got bored after saying "I found Jesus. He was cleaning the men's room" and people actually thought it was funny.

I think the most fun I had was telling someone that they had stolen my boyfriend in the Gay/Lesbian chat (keep in mind I'm a straight single male) and that I was sick of her shit.

Of course I took screen shots of this.

I'm some kind of an asshole.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

For those of you who haven't heard it yet

Last week I was bored, tired, and thought it'd be a good idea to write a rap song. I mostly did it because everyone either told me "do it!" or "you're too white" whenever I brought up the idea. Well, because of the people who doubted that I'd ever do it:

Hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robert "Goes to the Farm"

For those who have not had the privilege of seeing my original pop up book, now is your chance. The drawback is that you can't actually use any of the pop up actions. This was a project I had done in high school for a creative writing class. The assignment was something about making a children's book, so I decided to make a book teaching kids about death. Some people thought it was an awful idea, I thought it was a great idea.

Now, some of these pictures might be hard to read or see, but that's because I used colored pencils, tape, staples, and random scraps of paper in order to construct it. You can really tell where I started to get close to the deadline, granted I do have the artistic abilities of a blind 7 year old child. Also, my scanner isn't big enough to scan some pages completely, so a few things look cut off because the pages are large for the scanner.

So here it is, the original Robert "Goes to the Farm" for your enjoyment:

There's a few things you might or might not have noticed. My tape usage on the last page, the fact that I changed the color of Sketches' hat on almost every page, the fact that I got lazy on the second half of the book and stopped doing pop ups... all part of my artistic form. Some call my artistic form "crap" but I call it "greatmazing."

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Timmy and the Acid Bath: The Great Unfinished Tale

The year was 2006. I think. Okay, I can't entirely remember how everything happened. I was in my high school Creative Writing course being bored one day and our teacher told us about an assignment to make a children's story book. Naturally my first thoughts were "what's something gross I could do?" and "what do I need to teach children?" So I thought up Timmy and the Acid Bath, kept telling my table I was going to do it, and eventually I started to draw it.

Long story short, in order to not get in trouble I ended up never finishing Timmy and the Acid Bath (but am planning to sometime soon) because I ended up making a pop up book called Robert "Goes to the Farm." That book was about a little boy named Sketches and his dog Robert, who gets hit by a car on the first page. There was a tab to slide the car into the dog. My teacher left a sticky note that said "Think about this... in such a format, the reader kills the dog" and obviously I had thought about it if I made the book.

It actually ends up being a good story teaching children about death and basically showing that it's stupid for parents to lie to their children about the subject. The first half of the book is pretty cool and has pop ups and everything, then about half way through I was running close to the deadline and just started taping things down really fast. I got a 93%. Maybe some day I'll post it, even though it's not the same without being able to move things on it.

Anyway, back to the original topic, Timmy and the Acid Bath. It's still unfinished currently, so you can read the first 3 pages and cover of the story that I started in high school.


So maybe some day soon I'll show you all Robert "Goes to the Farm" and make a finished version of Timmy and the Acid Bath. No guarantees though.