Thursday, March 18, 2010

Altered Advertisements

Since there's a sausage outside my apartment door:
I figured it was about time to write a new blog.

 I've had interesting things happen so far this semester.  There's the interesting things, like the guy giving me a sheet of paper on my way to the subway then telling me "it's to read, not to keep!"  Then there's the disgusting things... like when I cleaned out my shower and sink drains for what appeared to be the first time they've ever been cleaned:
...that's like 3 pounds worth of hair that I got out of the drain with a notebook spiral.
My mom asked "why didn't you have maintenance come and do it?" to which I had to respond "because I'm a man."

My life isn't all that interesting though, so that's about all of the pictures on my phone that I've taken within the last two months.  Now onto what I actually started writing this for... 

A couple years ago I started online survey email things, then started to notice how horrible the stock images they use for their ads were.  So, I felt the need to improve these advertisements by altering them and adding my own text to them.  I've had them up on my deviantArt page for a while, but I figured I'd post them here on account of deviantArt likes to delete things.

The first one I ever altered I apparently didn't notice the typo I made until a friend brought it to my attention several months later.  So this isn't the original one, but the one where I fixed my typo.  I can't remember what it was originally advertising, but hey... I don't really care that much either.  So here it is:
I feel I made it much more effective.

This one actually wasn't from emails, but it is pretty old.  Remember that clicking it will only lead to the image, not to what is being advertised in my alteration:

 I can't really remember the order I actually did most of these in, but at some point they stopped being as fun to edit so I just gave up.  This next one is still my favorite:

 This one is yet another one I improved the message for:

This next one has a very important message, and apparently was made around Christmas time:

Obviously I've never really cared about who I'm offending.  Let's face it, I usually only care about my own opinion anyway.  Almost all of these are pretty much proof of that.  The rest of these I'm pretty sure were my last ones, this one was obviously some advertisement for school supplies or something stupid like that:

And these last three, I honestly can't remember what they were trying to sell:

But I obviously made them better, right?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Time Well Spent = Time Wasted

I was looking back at some old comics I made in middle school and never did anything with the other day, which got me to thinking that I should post them on here. It probably seems like most of my posts anymore are things from when I was younger, I guess maybe I'm just not funny anymore and rely on things I've already done. That can't be true though, because obviously I'm great.

I've never really put any thought into making a webcomic that posts daily, weekly, etc. because quite frankly I only make comics when I:
A. Feel like it
B. Am so bored that I just start drawing things.

Since these days I have too many classes that I actually have to pay attention in (although I still zone out constantly), I don't really draw very many of the poorly drawn scribblings that I call comics. The closest thing I've done like that lately is when I didn't know DVE stood for Digital Video Effects on a test, so I wrote "Digital Video... Elephant" and needless to say, I got it wrong. Surprisingly those sort of things only got me in trouble until I graduated high school... now all that ever happens is I just lose points or gain points for entertaining the teacher. I'm not as creative with it lately... too tired and too lazy.

Anyway, back to what's important, the terrible drawings. When I was in seventh and eighth grade, I would spend almost all of my class time and study hall time drawing really stupid comics (a lot of which I lost forever or gave to people). I think in sixth grade I was on honor roll, then it was all downhill from there. I personally blame puberty, because video games and television hadn't seemed to effect me nearly as badly before it. Most of the elements of these comics have been consistent throughout the years. People being hit by things, things being eaten by other things, horrible handwriting, stick figures... The only things I haven't really put in my comics since then are people eating liver transplants/drinking urine samples and people saying "I'll call in the morning."


...and also:

For the most part, every comic I've ever drawn has been pointless and stupid. This one is no exception:

Of course, I also found some old notes from a science class video:

And lastly, some more of my all time finest artwork:

Well that's about it for now. I'm getting tired and lazy, but I have hundreds more of these things somewhere, so maybe if I get ever bored enough to look through them again I could post more.