Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More reasons why my grades in high school were terrible

Okay so I'll admit it.  I've been too lazy to make up actual new things for a while.  I do have a lot of crap backed up in my old archive that I've never posted on here before though.  A good amount of it is garbage, but there's also a fair amount of some post-worthy stuff.

There's probably a few good reasons that when I applied to colleges back in high school, none of them accepted me other than community college.  The best reason for that is probably that other than ever doing my work, I'd work on something that seemed more fun to work on.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I still do that... just not to the extent that I did back in high school.  I used to turn these things in for credit too.  Sometimes I'd get in trouble, but some teachers would just look the other way/not pay attention and give me full credit.  Like the haiku I wrote for class and later made into a song:

Napalm factory
All the children scream "hooray!"
None of them survive.

I still think it's the best haiku ever written.  But I mean, I wrote it, so it has to be.

I used to get bored in my 2D Art class in high school and just cut pictures out of magazines to make collages or just random crap with them.  I think the best one was the one I actually turned in:

I mean, there's a kid riding a shark that's eating TV that a man is sitting on top of.  Can't get much better than that.

This next one wasn't something I turned in, but it was something I showed pretty much anyone with eyes after making it:

Do I know who either of these people are?  No.  Do I really care? Of course not.

This last one has pretty much nothing to do with the other images, but I've never posted it on here before. It's a comic I made in study hall my freshman year of high school about Pac-Man:

Most of it is blurry and wrinkled because I had it in one of my binders the entire year and it just kind of smeared everything.  Well, that and I'm not skilled in any way with a pencil.

Well, I've run out of things I want to post in this for now.  Next time I might post my photography from the black and white photo class I took when I was in community college.  I have a ton of it.  I mean, it's not like any of it's funny or anything, I just want to post it.