Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello, my name is product placement.

Every time I see a commercial for the movie Hall Pass, I think a few different things:
1. How much is Applebee's paying them for blatant product placement?
2. Why do people like Captain Dong Nose? (Owen Wilson)
3. Who lets Owen Wilson try to act?
4. Seriously, what's with the Applebee's extreme closeup, is this an Applebee's commercial?
5. Man, Owen Wilson loves Applebee's.

I'm just going to cover number one. Seriously, if you haven't seen the trailer for this... well you aren't really missing anything, this is it summed up in one picture:

I don't really know how relevant the restaurant is to the storyline, but apparently it's relevant enough to show them walking in and panning up to the sign.  Applebee's the movie.  Got it.

I mean, I guess I can understand why they did it. The movie itself looks like a turd, so I guess they had to do as much product placement for advertisers as humanly possible to make up for their losses. But it doesn't matter what the movie is, people don't care how blatant their product placement is.

Actually, the whole movie is about Owen Wilson pooping his pants:


Anyway... that's about it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hyundai: We Advertise Seizures

So there's a Hyundai commercial or two (or fifty, I don't really know/care) out that uses the popular "flash all-caps words on the screen one at a time in an obnoxious manner to get a point across" method of advertising.  I want to punch whoever is responsible for making this commercial right between the eyes.  Or maybe I should buy into this marketing technique of "extremely obnoxious" instead:

I mean, I can't even really think of anything that stands out about any Hyundai cars.  They try and make this advertisement saying that their cars aren't "boring" but they basically look exactly like Toyota and Honda cars.  I guess they're trying to follow suit with Toyota's "ugly kid" commercials by trying to make more commercials I hate.  Or maybe they really thought this method of advertising has never been done before and they were trying not to seem "boring" despite the fact that this has been done before (and has been annoying every time it has been done).

Every time I see the commercial it feels sort of like when you're in middle school and some kid in your class still barely knows how to read... but the teacher tells him to read out loud.  "And... then... the.... cat.... sat... on... his..." and in your head you're about four pages ahead and want to go across the room and start choking the kid.

Maybe their commercial is really a way of them saying "no one owns our cars, therefore they are not like every other car you see on the road."  That seems like the most realistic message.  Try and think of 5 people you know who own a Hyundai.  I can't think of one.  I mean, sure I'd drive a Hyundai if I was given one for free, but there's no way I'd ever spend money on one.

Also: Simpsons.
I'm sure at least someone out there will understand.