Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oops... I forgot to say...

It's been a while since I finished Cerebral Apocalypse.

Like a month...

It tells a story this time, 16 of the tracks tell a story, then there are 2 bonus tracks (because they didn't fit in with the story.) For those of you who can't do simple addition that's 18 total tracks.

I started working on this album around the time that school started, and finished it around the time my senior year ended. It took me a whole school year to finish this album and I'm proud of the way it turned out. Here's an image of the cover...

I can try explaining the story that this album tells to you but I won't do a very good job, it's better to sit back, listen to the album, and let the music tell the story for you.

It starts off with the main character going through a lot mentally, in a flawed world. Then ignorance spreads and war starts because of it. The main character ends up becoming part of the war and marches off into battle somewhat unprepared. New weapons and technology being used start killing people off quickly.

The main character becomes wounded in battle, falls, and slowly begins to die. All he can do is lay there and wait for his life to end. He's then carried off to the church and buried, and begins wandering in hell. Along the way he finds the corpse of an angel, defiles it, and is then sent back onto earth as the undead. Upon his arrival he begins destroying in the name of evil, and to destroy the ignorance that is humanity.

Rioting, killing, and mass chaos spreads, causing alarms to go off and everything is destroyed. All survivors were knocked unconscious, and the world slowly settled as the main character mysteriously disapears.
Everything is a little hazy and everyone because to wake up out of a confused haze, unsure what the future holds.

Then two bonus tracks.

Seriously, just listen to the album instead, it tells the story better than I can.