Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music news 2/17/2009

Right now I think is the busiest I've been with music since... well it might just be the busiest I've ever been with music.

My friend Patrick from Divine Riot and I have been working together on bluesy sludge metal project and so far we have a good amount of material but nothing is ready for previews yet. I'll post more about this probably once we have things more solid and ready for previewing. It's turning out pretty awesome though.

I've joined up with Justin Abare as part of the new line-up for No Comply and so far things are going pretty well! None of the tracks that I've been a part of are ready for preview yet, but you can still check out some of their past releases through the MySpace or Justin's label A Product of Six Cents. I'll also post more about this as things start to be 100% news. We've been hearing a lot of good news lately though, so things are going pretty well with No Comply so far!

With The Astronaut King I'm getting pretty close to having a new full length album finished. That should be done by or during summer 2009. Also, a CD/DVD of live material from summer 2008 will be released probably around the same time. There are still copies left of Astral Asphyxiation for the time being, so those interested should contact me soon or go order one through Hildsvfar Records.

I'm also currently working on new material for Satan's Basement, although I'm unsure when the next full length will be completely done. I can assure you it's going to be awesome regardless of how long it takes me to finish writing and recording it. If you're interested in any Satan's Basement albums, just check out Hildsvfar Records and order yourself a copy or two.

DJ Fartbot songs I'm just sort of working on when I have the time, so it may be a while until I finish that album. The first full length is still available through both CafePress (it's a nice pretty version) and Hildsvfar Records (it's less expensive and hand made but on CDR instead). The CafePress site also has some cool t shirt designs I did that you should check it and show people... and maybe buy some too. I could always use a little extra money.

As for Ian Covelli releases, I might do some more songs that really don't fit with any of my other projects and compile all the songs I've done just as myself onto a full length album. That might not be until later in the year or so though, so right now it's just in the idea stage.

Anyway, I'm tired, starting to forget what I was going to say in this post, and getting bored. So that's all for now, remember to check out No Comply, The Astronaut King, Satan's Basement,
DJ Fartbot, my friends Divine Riot, and watch for updates! This is going to be a good year for music!