Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Fun" in College 101 pt.1

College 101 was a 50 minute time waster class to try and prepare you for college while only giving you one credit that doesn't transfer anywhere. Of course it counted toward getting my associates degree, the only other thing it was good for was drawing stupid comics. My teacher had a thick accent, he was Puerto Rican if I remember correctly (even if he wasn't, I don't really care that much). He was usually hilarious, but I think partially because I could never understand anything he said. My friend Mike and I would sit in the back of the class and make fun of anything we could to keep ourselves entertained. Eventually I started to draw comics, leaving my notebook full of comics and.... not really any notes at all.

Another thing I used to do in class was I would sign in my name in one color pen, then write "Stinky Rodriguez" on a random line on the sign in sheet in another color. I did this for weeks, then noticed someone had beaten me to it! I was pissed, so I figured I had to make up a new fake name to put on the list. That's when I made up "Chineguez Juarez" and would forget how I spelled it most days so it changed pretty often. One day we were somewhere else on campus and I handed him back the sign in sheet and he started laughing and pointed out that someone has been signing his name in and all these fake names. I didn't know who was signing the teacher's name, but I just kind of tried not to make it too obvious I was "Stinky Rodriguez" and "Chineguez Juarez" even though I was about to die laughing.

I used to draw my teacher all the time when I was bored. Here was my first interpretation of him:

He used to pronounce youtube as "YOO-TOO" and I say this in all caps because he was loud. I don't remember why I drew him with a gun. Probably because he needs one. To shoot things with. Anyway here's the second drawing I made of him, also showing the fact that he would pronounce the word successful as "suhsessful."

He gave me an A though, so I think he's awesome.

I made drawings of just about anything stupid I could think of, some of them I can't find though. I do have drawings of Stinky Rodriguez and Chineguez Juarez. Before you call me racist or anything for these drawings... you have to realize how boring a class like College 101 really is.

So basically I received one credit on my transcript to sit in the back of the class, draw confusing comics, and make fun of basically anything within range of my vision. Looking back it wasn't really that bad because well... I got to make fun of things.

This is only the beginning though, wait until part 2 for the good stuff.