Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am extremely mature.

You should all know how intelligent and mature my sense of humor is by now, so for your entertainment I have more drawings. Boredom during class is one thing, boredom on the internet is quite different. Granted, the results usually end up with me drawing several dinosaurs, a penis joke, and maybe some zombies, it's all basically the same. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm gonna contradict myself a lot. It's what I do.

I honestly forget half of what my point was, but the original point of this post is to show stupid drawings I've posted to other people's facebook profiles via that Graffiti application. Honestly that's one of the only ones I like because I can send tons of pictures of poop to my friends without having to draw the picture and upload it to facebook! Oh man how convenient!!! Of course, everything I've ever drawn with it has been either a masterpiece or just plain brilliant. Usually both actually.

To prove this obvious point, here's the first drawing I made with it:

My hand is not steady at all when it comes to drawing, so I mostly draw crooked stick figures, crooked dinosaurs, crooked cops...
Anyway the second thing I ever drew with it demonstrates one of the many problems I have with my vision:

I'm pretty sure I meant "(seriously)" though.

Some of them actually had stories behind them surprisingly. Like this one:

There was this guy trying to convert me to his religion because I was too stupid to realize "NO!" is the correct answer to the question "can I sit here?" I couldn't understand anything he said. Yeah, the rest of these don't have stories behind them.

Of course, poop and fart jokes are all the highest form of comedy.

Also, I like making drawings of things about to get hit by other things or exploding.

Sometimes I'd just draw a stick figure, give up, then send it. Like these guys:

This is how I wish people a Merry Christmas:

Here's how I tell a brilliant joke:

I should have gone into paleontology or something, because look how many detailed amazing drawings of dinosaurs I've done:

I don't know what the hell these were supposed to be, but I'll leave off on these:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Fun" in College 101 pt.3

As you all know by now, I'm an amazing artist. When it comes to drawing, my art has been pretty consistent since about the third grade. Back in grade school I used to want to be a comic book artist. When I look back at the comic books I made then, I remember why I gave up on that dream. Ever since then, pretty much everything I've drawn has been to avoid doing any real work or falling asleep. There are quite a few factors that keep me from really trying with graphic art. Colorblindness, zero attention span, laziness... laziness is really the biggest one.

All that being said, nothing usually stops me from making pointless crap in the middle of a boring class. While most of my comics end up being stick figures like this:

I occasionally would draw things a bit more like this:

I think we were talking about homeless people and zombies, if that helps.

I do have sort of a problem though. A large percent of notes I've ever taken have drawings of dinosaurs on them. About half of them probably look exactly the same. Then there's this guy:

This one here is just a masterpiece and deserves to be framed and sold for billions of dollars:

Going back to the topic of homeless people:

I dunno what the hell this was supposed to be:

But hey, it's everyone's favorite lawyer!

I'd trust him with any case!

This concludes "'Fun' in College 101" because I figured I wouldn't have much left over for a fourth part, so I pretty much crammed everything into this last part. If you enjoyed this though, keep checking here every once in a while. And by once in a while, I mean stay on here and refresh the page every 5 seconds for the rest of your life. I have tons of drawings I've never done anything with that I've been thinking about posting and explaining the stories behind. So I'll get around to that. Eventually.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Fun" in College 101 pt.2

So last time I think I covered the fact that College 101 was the most pointless class I've ever taken (but don't really care because I got an A). I wasn't a complete slacker in the class from the start though. The first day of class I sat up front and tried to pay attention like the class was actually worth something. Soon after I realized my friend Mike was in the class and we started to sit in the back and make fun of everyone else in class. Not to their faces though, that would require me to actually be social!

Boredom started to set in pretty quickly, which means any notes I took quickly transformed into comics. I do have these two pages that seem to have some notes encrypted into them.
This one was clearly about the requirements to receive a C in the class:

And this one was clearly about careers and apparently we had to meet in the Career Center on October fourth. Also car ears are ears on a car.

For the most part, the rest of the notes that I haven't posted yet have nothing to do with the class. Well, except this picture I drew of a kid that really creeped me out in class:

But for the most part, everything I made in that class was sort of like this:

None of them really were supposed to make sense, I was just bored and needed to occupy myself in a non-violent way. Trust me, that was difficult.

For the most part, they were all just characters I made up or doodles. Did you sit through Peter Jackson's King Kong and wonder how you didn't kill yourself? I think I was trying to explain it to Mike when I figured I'd just make an abridged version of it. This version is way better because it doesn't make you wait over an hour just to see King Kong:

Plus I mean look at how realistic everything is, unlike the CGI that riddled the Peter Jackson version. I'll stick to the hilarious black and white film that doesn't bore me to death.

Anyway, I'm saving the rest of these for part 3. Stay turned for more comics and stupid characters I made out of extreme boredom!