Thursday, April 15, 2010

Omegle chat logs I forgot about and will now share

I made the one post a few months ago of some of my favorites, but there's still a lot more I have saved somewhere.  I found a few that I'm surprised I didn't post before, and now I will.  If it wasn't obvious that I have mental problems before, well now's your chance to find that out.

This one, I actually talked to this person for a while, then my browser crashed and I was sad I couldn't continue watching TV with them:
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi .
Stranger: wtf ?
You: that doesn't get you excited?
Stranger: yes it does . im watchinq it right now tho .
You: good
You: that tiger is gonna hunt those deer good
Stranger: yeah i know . so you like animals ?
You: not like furries do
You: I just like seeing them kill things
Stranger: yeah me too .
You: oh man did you see that bird on that deer
Stranger: yeah .
You: oh this is cool it's like we're hanging out

I tried this one for a while, usually people disconnected:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi.
You: Let's play swords
Stranger: what??
You: I'm Rick Sprinter
You: Geologist
You: from Denver
Stranger: how old r u?
You: 27
Stranger: 23,m,china.
You: let's play swords
Stranger: how?
Stranger: ?i can not understand.
You: oh I hit you good!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

This one goes on for a while, but I like how I started and ended it.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey!
You: you aren't asian are you?
Stranger: please help
Stranger: no
You: good
You: what do you need
Stranger: phew
Stranger: just a little help is all
Stranger: please just tell me what you think of the way i look
You: not this again
Stranger: i know that sounds weird but i have been getting weird comments and i dont know if its real or joking
Stranger: please?
You: I don't follow links
Stranger: im serious
You: I'm not Princess Zelda
Stranger: its tinypic
Stranger: not a virus
Stranger: its tinypic...seriously
Stranger: i swear on my life
Stranger: i am just getting down to the bottom on my self esteem
Stranger: plz
You: sure
You: I probably won't click it
You: but I'll give you my honest criticism
Stranger: ok
Stranger: you wont be able to see it unless you click it
Stranger: but you can see the link
You: I'm actually Hitler
You: I dunno
Stranger: here it is
Stranger: you can look at tiny pic and see its legit
Stranger: all i want is honest criticism
You: you aren't naked in it are you?
Stranger: like how i should clean myself up or how i would look more attractive to people or what
Stranger: god no
Stranger: its just my face
You: are you a woman or man
Stranger: dont be too mean
Stranger: i just havent gotten a lot of honesty
Stranger: just look at the pic
Stranger: tell me what i look like it guess, if it isnt obvious, which i should hope it is
You: I think you need a new camera
You: and not be so close to it
Stranger: why?
You: my friend here tells me you're Lori Cox
Stranger: its just a straight pic of my face
Stranger: who's lori cox
You: how the fuck you should I know
Stranger: ?
You: I dunno
You: you kinda look like this girl I went to high school with
You: but she really liked cats, so I don't think it'd compare too well
Stranger: just please help
Stranger: tell me what you think
Stranger: stop beating around the bush
Stranger: give it to me straight
Stranger: i need to hear it
Stranger: the truth
You: I dunno
You: you look fine to me
Stranger: wow thanks
Stranger: :)
Stranger: sexy at all?
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 19
You: okay
You: sure
Stranger: you dont sound too FUCKING confident
Stranger: id like to get a guy
Stranger: a guy to FUCK
Stranger: and it just isnt WORKING
Stranger: so i cant be sexy
Stranger: tell me the truth!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: plz
You: lady I'm tired and I'm working on a 10 page paper for monday, I'm not enthusiastic about anything righ tnow
Stranger: YOU FUCK
You: because I can't concentrate
Stranger: YOU FAT FUCK
You: don't get mean with me lady
You: actually I'm quite skinny
Stranger: dont ever try to contract me again
Stranger: you fat fuck
You: how would I?
Stranger: im sure you have ways
You: I can't "contract" you anyway
Stranger: i mean CONTACT
You: I'm sure you'll contract something from fucking too many guys
Stranger: DUH
You: I'm funny.
You: bye.
You have disconnected.

I have more old stuff I've been thinking about reposting on here that I used to have on other websites.  I don't know if I actually will.  Maybe.  I have about a month left of classes, so I have a lot of work to do before the semester ends that I've been putting off.  What that means is that I'm going to pretend that I won't have enough time to post here for a while, but in reality I'll probably post stuff here to procrastinate doing real work.  That's actually what I'm doing right now, I probably should have gone to bed at least an hour ago.