Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi, I'm a carrot, and an expert.

I should be studying for one of the finals I have, but that's why I figured I'd update this.  I guess I watch the History Channel a lot, because we don't really have many channels in this building.

Seriously though, has anyone ever seen Giorgio A. Tsoukalos?  I swear, every time they put him in something he looks more ridiculous than before.  Instead of trying to explain, I'll take the lazy way out and show pictures.

Here's a relatively normal looking picture of him from his website:

Then I guess he stopped washing his hair:

Then I guess he started spray tanning himself:

Then... umm... he turned into a carrot:

Seriously, I think he must be doing it on purpose just to mess with people.  Either that, or he really is becoming a carrot.  Maybe it's some weird fetish.  He probably buries himself in the back yard at night.  What a sick man.  He should be ashamed of his carrot fetish.