Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Comics - Robot Dino Hunter X

Okay, so I haven't posted anything in almost two months.  I have two good excuses though:
1. I've been busy all summer.
2. I've been lazy.

Anyway, I've always said how I'm too lazy to start an actual webcomic instead of randomly posting crap on here all the time and how there's too many terrible ones out there already so I shouldn't just add to the pile of horrible comics and this is a run-on sentence but I don't really care so I'm just going to continue it for a few more words until right now.

Long story short, my friend Anthony and I were talking about my DJ Fartbot song Robot Dino Hunter X and he told me I should make it a comic.  So I started a comic - Robot Dino Hunter X.  Basically it's a story about a dinosaur hunter who is a robot.

This is different from most of my comics, since there's supposed to be some sort of story to it.  It's not like when I just make a comic criticizing all other internet comics like this one:

And it's not like these two comics I made in between classes when I was in community college that criticize the way people talk on the internet with stupid jokes:
And it won't be much like my avoiding-doing-any-actual-work doodles like this one:

But it should be entertaining.  I mean, at least if you like guys who are robots named Robot Dino Hunter X that hunt dinosaurs.  I don't know about you, but I sure do.