Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: I want to be a worse person

Holidays are over and I'm slightly less poor than I was the last time I posted (meaning I've been working a little finally). I had a pretty good Christmas, my Xbox Live Gold expired Christmas night as I went to play some new games/finally had time to play them. That was fine though, I don't have friends anyway. Except, I'm pretty sure they cut me off about a week short. I got to spend some time with my family while not getting out of my pajamas on Christmas, so that was good.

I started falling asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve because I'm old and worked all day, then woke up just in time for midnight and fell back asleep. Then I worked 9-5 New Year's Day.

My resolution this year was to lose my sense of humor and anger, so the rest of this blog will be about my taxes and a long explanation of how I organize my sock drawer.

Obviously I'm not serious, I can never stop being hilarious, but 2012 is over and I guess I haven't posted on here in about 6 months. I'm going to be writing 2012 on things for a while still probably, which reminds me that I probably have been for the past two days. It's still not as bad as the 5 years I wrote 2005 on things. It's still 2005, trust me.

To make up for the last 6 months, I'll share a bunch of things that probably would have made it into any posts had I actually written any.

If you bought your kids any of these, you're a bad parent:

Who dropped the ball when this got the green light for production?

Dora the Registered Sex Offender

WHAT IS SO FUNNY ABOUT THIS ROULETTE?? Oh, right. It's made in China.

I hope he's a proctologist.

I had to take a picture of the TV so fast that I couldn't get it any less blurry than this.



Dark Pump. Good name.


Tonight's episode of Night Gallery: The Man Who Turned to Cheese!

Oh, and I guess someone dropped a pair of pliers when they were making our driveway 30 something years ago.

In unrelated news, I released a Satan's Basement Christmas single and the new The Astronaut King album, Dictations from a Spectral Planet with awesome artwork by Mike Miller (The Baptism, MZRCDXVL) about a week before Christmas and no one really listened to or downloaded either. So go do that. I guess I at least released a decent amount of music in 2012 and recorded a lot, even if some of it still isn't out yet.

Anyway, that's it. My New Year's resolution is to be a worse person, so I'll try and post more of my usual blogs than I did last year.